Specializing in Workers' Compensation & Social Security Disability

Our experienced attorneys are driven to improve the lives of those suffering the pain, confusion and frustration of a work related injury.

Who We Are

We provide peace of mind while you are going through perhaps the most stressful period of your life. Allow us to deal with the insurance adjuster and insurance attorneys. Let us take the stress of the legal hassles of your workers compensation injury off your shoulders and onto ours. Our mission is to get the injured worker the treatment needed in order to return to a fulfilling and productive life after a devastating injury at work. We want to see our clients return to normalcy, as far as is possible, through appropriate medical treatment and financial compensation, in order to regain wholeness of being.

Bossie Law is Here to Help the Injured Worker.

At Bosquez and Siemens Law, we require no up-front fees from our clients, no retainers. All fees are on a contingency basis, so the more we achieve for you, the more we all benefit. There is no cost for an initial consultation with an attorney. You will meet the attorney, have opportunity to discuss issues and ask questions. You will meet the specific legal assistant assigned to the case who will be a point of contact for all your needs.

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