Linda Bosquez

Meet the Team

Linda Bosquez has been practicing workers compensation law since 1988 and Kristin Siemens since 1996. Both are certified specialists in workers compensation law. We’ve now combined our expertise to form a law firm of accessible attorneys, driven to improve the lives of those suffering the pain, confusion and frustration of a work related injury. Our staff is well trained with decades of combined experience in workers compensation. They are compassionate and professional in identifying the ways our clients’ needs can be met.

Kristin Siemens

Our Mission

The process of healing after an injury requires a peaceful environment. Dealing with insurance adjusters, insurance attorney’s and the merry-go-round of workers compensation legalities does not foster peace of mind. We strive to take these stressors off the shoulders of the injured worker so healing can happen, both in body and in spirit. We take the confusion of the workers compensation process away; leaving you a clear path to medical treatment and appropriate benefits that foster a return to normalcy as far as is possible.