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Can I use my private health insurance to get treatment?​

If you are injured or come down with an illness due to a work-related incident, immediately inform your team and supervisors. This will start the process towards you receiving workers’ compensation. The next step is to seek medical care as soon as possible, as it can be difficult to file a claim for an injury that was not treated by a doctor. 

In terms of using your private health insurance to get treatment, your private health insurance covers injuries or illnesses that happen off the job. Most employers are required to have  workers compensation insurance to cover their employers when an injury or illness happens at work.  Workers’ compensation covers the cost of your medical recovery, but it also covers a portion of your wages if you miss work.  

Not only is your private health insurance company not obligated to pay for injuries you sustain on the job, but they will also refuse payment for any treatment they determine to be related to a work accident.  

If your employer is pressuring you into using your own private health insurance for treating a work-related injury or illness, reach out to Bossie Law and we can discuss your case.