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Complications that Mean You Need a Workers’ Comp Attorney

Your workers’ comp case can get complicated quickly. If Social Security Disability is involved, or if your injuries prevent you from working, you likely won’t be able to handle the case yourself. We’re breaking down some complications that mean an attorney’s help is in order:  

If your medical injuries prevent you from working, or limit your ability to work, you may be entitled to temporary disability payments. Insurance companies will do their best to avoid paying you these costly sums. In the case of a permanent disability, a knowledgeable attorney will be essential to getting the benefits you deserve.  

Often, after serious injury, you might plan to apply for Social Security disability benefits. If this is the care, your settlement will need to be structured properly to ensure you get the entirety of your benefits. Your workers’ comp benefits have the potential to lower disability benefits, and an experienced attorney will know how to get you the most out of both programs.  

Settling a case through the workers’ compensation system is very complicated. If you make the wrong decisions in this process, an attorney may not be able to help you. If you need legal help in your workers’ comp case, Bossie Law can help. At Bosquez and Siemens Law, we require no up-front fees from our clients, no retainers. All fees are on a contingency basis, so the more we achieve for you, the more we all benefit. There is no cost for an initial consultation with an attorney. You will meet the attorney, discuss potential problems, and ask questions. You will meet the specific legal assistant assigned to the case who will be a point of contact for all your needs. Bossie Law is a local bilingual, Fresno office.