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My employer denied my WC Claim

If your employer has denied your workers’ comp claim, you may be asking yourself what to do next. The first thing you need to do is determine the reason why. You should have received a denial letter which states the reason. Perhaps you did not meet the eligibility requirements. Common reasons for a denial of workers’ comp benefits include the following: 

  • Injury or illness not reported in time: California has a 30-day time limit for reporting an injury. If you wait for more than 30 days, your employer might not be required to provide workers’ comp benefits 
  • Employer disputes claim: Your employer may claim the accident happened outside of work or other reasons. 
  • No medical treatment: You did not obtain medical treatment to receive workers’ comp benefits. 
  • Insufficient evidence that injury is work related: Maybe it’s unclear whether the injury or illness happened at work. You may need another medical exam and additional evidence to back up your claim. 

Has your workers’ compensation claim been denied, but you believe it was done in error? Your denial may be successfully appealed in many cases. We recommend speaking to a workers compensation attorney about your case.