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Signs You NEED to Hire a Workers’ Comp Attorney

If your workers’ comp case is giving you a bad feeling, it could be time to hire an attorney. If you aren’t sure if it is necessary, there are some signs you might notice. Some employers take actions to deny employee benefits, not expecting their employees to file an appeal.  

If your employer denies your claim altogether, or delays payment, you have a problem. Employers often reject legitimate claims, in the hope that their employees won’t appeal their decision. Your employer might also offer a settlement that doesn’t address time lost or medical bills. While your settlement must have judicial approval, the judge might sign off on an agreement that Isn’t actually adequate because of the misleading information presented by the adjuster.  

Another sign you need attorney involvement is if your employer retaliates against you at work by cutting your wages, demoting you, firing you or otherwise discriminating against youRemember that receiving workers’ comp benefits for a work-related injury is your right, and your employer is breaking the law if they retaliate. 

The last sign you need to seek legal help has to do with insurance companies. If the insurance company is pressuring you to settle your case or telling you what doctor to see for an evaluation, get help.  

If you’re in need of legal help in your workers’ comp case, Bossie Law can help. At Bosquez and Siemens Law, we require no up-front fees from our clients, no retainers. All fees are on a contingency basis, so the more we achieve for you, the more we all benefit. There is no cost for an initial consultation with an attorney. You will meet your attorney, have opportunity to discuss issues and ask questions. You will meet the specific legal assistant assigned to the case who will be a point of contact for all your needs. Bossie Law is a local, bilingual, Fresno Law office.