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Will I be Fired for Hiring a Workers’ Comp Attorney?

Hiring a workers’ Comp attorney can make you feel nervous. Many people wonder if they’ll lose their job or put their careers at risk. You might have known someone who has been fired, or heard horror stories about Workers’ Comp.  

The truth is, your employer cannot fire you for filing a Workers’ Comp claim. They can fire you for a separate reason while you’re filing your workers’ comp claim. If you have hired an attorney, however, they’ll need to make a very strong case for why they’re firing you.  

Having an attorney for your workers’ comp case can actually help prevent your employer from firing you. Hiring an attorney shows your employer you’re serious about your claim. Plus, your attorney will be able to help you get the maximum benefits from workers’ comp.  

If you need legal help in your workers’ comp case, Bossie Law can help. At Bosquez and Siemens Law, we require no up-front fees from our clients, no retainers. All fees are on a contingency basis, so the more we achieve for you, the more we all benefit. There is no cost for an initial consultation with an attorney. You will meet the attorney, discuss potential problems, and ask questions. You will meet the specific legal assistant assigned to the case who will be a point of contact for all your needs. Bossie Law is a local bilingual, Fresno office.